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Branding over sales drives long term Results

Many of you follow and gather information from a lot of smart entrepreneurs. I live Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Dana White, Tony Robbins and others. If you listen to their messages over time you will realize that the key to sales is establishing brand awareness. Branding is not sales. Branding is a grind and it takes time. It means just slogging through putting out content and creating awareness. When you are branding you are not selling. People just buy brands. They buy Gucci because of the name not because someone gave them a sales pitch. They buy Porsche because of the reputation of having a great brand not because a salesman made a great presentation. Branding means they think of you when a certain subject comes up. I am thirsty and hot I think Gatorade. I want the best Cigar Davidoff. I want a nice watch Rolex and so on. I rarely see an advertisement for Rolex. I do see people wearing the watch often and I think boy that's a nice watch. Branding is creating thoughts in people way of life. I want a Coke and a smile. Coke is terrible for your health but they relate to happiness. Think about this when you are developing a new product. We all know sales is the life blood of small business however to drive long term success the brand carries more weight than sale. What is your brand? Take a few minutes and write down what you think your brand is in relation to your customers. Keep working hard and stick to the system. Your branding efforts will pay off. If you would like to learn more about branding or how we can help you grow your brand always feel free to reach out.

Roger Wilkinson

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