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Our Vision for Golf

As a former Golf Professional we understand the business of golf and how cigars can add a great member benefit to your club. We also understand how cigars can add a new revenue stream to your club especially in the Premium Hand Rolled Cigar Market that has a much higher demand and price point than short filler machine rolled Cigars. Our Cigars come with a maintenance free humidor that can keep our cigars fresh 1 year. We also have custom labeling for special events or even your own club branding. Our Golf Division is always ready to come meet with you and set up a cigar program for your course. We look forward to serving you and making your members golf experience even better. 

Enjoy our Augusta Blend honoring the great Bobby Jones and his masterpiece at Augusta

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Contact Golf Division
We will Come to your next Tournament at no upfront cost to you!

706 833 3394

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